The Hidden Secret: The Fascinating History of Blazer Pockets

In the world of men's fashion, blazers have long been a key piece in any elegant gentleman's wardrobe. However, what many don't know is the intriguing story behind one of its most practical and functional elements: the pockets! From their humble origins to their evolution as an essential design detail, pockets on blazers have taken a fascinating path over the centuries.

In 1901 in Great Britain Queen Victoria died, her son Edward VII became king, also known as a dandy (he really liked women). We all know that the queen was demanding, very demanding about her clothes, but her son was twice as demanding. Look at the lapel in the photo, it has a silk lining, and he was the first to start demanding that his blazers have that lining from his tailor. But he also unintentionally created something, the tailor realized that if he incorporated silk lining inside he could create an inside pocket. That's why we have that pocket in our clothes today that helps us carry mobile devices, papers, etc.

But if we go back further, the first signs of pockets in clothing date back to ancient Rome , where men carried small bags called "fobules" tied to their tunics. These pouches were used to carry coins and other small items, and laid the foundation for what would eventually become modern pockets.

However, it was not until the Middle Ages that pockets began to appear on men's outer garments. Initially, pockets were separate pouches that were attached to belts or the inside of clothing. But as fashion evolved, pockets became more fully integrated into clothing.

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The blazer, in its most recognizable form, was popularized in the 19th century as a casual garment for outdoor activities such as hunting and boating. At first, blazers did not always have pockets, as they were considered more utilitarian than elegant garments. However, as men's fashion became more refined, pockets became an indispensable element on blazers.

It was in the 20th century that pockets on blazers acquired their modern shape and location. Designers began incorporating stylish and functional exterior pockets, perfect for storing tissues, pocket watches, and other must-have accessories. These pockets were not only practical, but also added a touch of style and sophistication to the garment.

Today , pockets on blazers are a standard design detail, available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit the needs of anyone, whether woman or man. Whether it's a casual patch pocket on a sporty blazer or a smart flap pocket on a dress blazer, these small details are an essential part of the charm and functionality of this classic garment.

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