The best sun hats

To protect yourself from the sun, it is important to choose a hat that not only offers good coverage but is also comfortable and suitable for the activities you plan to do. Here is a list of some of the best types of hats to protect yourself from the sun:

1. Wide Brim Hat :

- Provides excellent protection for the face, neck and shoulders.

- Ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening and walks.

2. Safari hat :

- It has a wide brim and often comes with a cloth that covers the back of the neck.

- Perfect for excursions and safaris, as it offers complete protection.

3. Straw hat :

- Light and breathable, ideal for hot climates.

- It offers good shade and is a stylish option for the beach or casual walks.

4. Bucket hat :

- Compact and easy to carry.

- Provides adequate shade for the face and neck.

5. Legionnaire type hat :

- It has a fabric that covers the back of the neck and ears.

- Very useful for outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing.

6. Foldable Brim Hat :

- The wide brim can be adjusted or folded as needed.

- Ideal for travel as it is easy to pack.

7. Visor with Neck Cover :

- Offers protection for the face and neck without covering the head completely.

- Good option for sports such as golf or tennis.

8. Hat with UV protection :

- Made with special materials that block UV rays.

- Excellent option for those who spend a lot of time in the sun and need maximum protection.

When you choose a hat for him, make sure that:


Have a wing of at least 7 cm wide.

Be made of breathable material.

Offer UV protection if possible.

Be comfortable to wear for long periods.

Remember to complement the use of a hat with sunscreen, sunglasses and appropriate clothing for complete sun protection.

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