Advantages of Vans shoes and boots

In today's world of fashion there are many styles that can be found and, today it is already possible and even well seen, to combine comfortable shoes with almost any look. That's when Dakonda 's sale Vans come on the scene, long considered a versatile key piece in the importance of looking suitably attractive.

Although for many years they have been considered as footwear for those who love skateboarding and its beginnings go back to this sport; Without a doubt, today, the range of Vans shoes and boots has expanded. Thus, different artists, musicians and celebrities have adopted them in their style, making them an unequivocal urban culture .

Find a perfect style using Vans ankle boots and sneakers

No matter the age or gender, Vans are ideal for creating a unique and pleasant style , without bordering on the sloppy. Thus, this footwear has positioned itself within the range of adaptability, which allows it to be combined with almost any article of clothing . Do you want to know how it is done? Here we will give you a guide to achieve it.

But remember that the fact that they are comfortable shoes does not mean that you can be negligent when choosing the clothes that will match. Harmonize your Vans without losing your mind and follow these recommendations that will help you look like a fashion expert .

If you are a woman, use your Vans with:

Dresses or skirts . Yes, you read it right. Try, for example, a Vans UA classic slip-on with long or short dresses. Likewise, a miniskirt, with a T-shirt and denim jacket, will give you that sophisticated and pleasant look that you will enjoy. It is a wonderful combination to go for a walk on hot summer days.

Also, harmonize a gray skirt and a blouse with details or stripes, to give color to your style, with Vans Old Skool Platform-Sneakers style. Even if it's a cool day, you can add a matching lightweight sweater.

Leggings or Jeans . Denim pants are a garment that cannot be missing in any woman's wardrobe, whether they are ripped (torn), colored or tight. How to hit the perfect style? Find a blouse that you like and add some Sk8-Hi Platform 2.0 to achieve the ideal outfit.

If the jeans are black, it is recommended that you alternate them with a unicolor, light shirt and jacket. Depending on the occasion, you can use high or short cut Vans with a checkerboard design or the so-called Authentic 44 DX Anaheim . The important thing is that everything harmonizes pleasantly.

If you are a man, wear your Vans with:

This is probably one of the most comfortable ways you can imagine to wear Vans. K8-Low . It is a perfect look for summer and, depending on the occasion, you can wear them with simple cotton t-shirts or button-down shirts (make sure they are short-sleeved).

Skinny pants and jeans . The classic Slip-On model is the best alternative to wear with the tight pants, currently in fashion. Combine the colors according to your taste and if you have clothes and shoes of different shades, try to alternate them every day of the week.

Formal suit . This concept has been adopted by big celebrities. Pair khakis, dark tones, and dressy shirts with black, gray, or blue Vans sneakers. Add a cardigan and do not leave aside the blazers.

Kids can wear Vans shoes too

Vans shoes and boots are more than just footwear, they could be said to be part of a family tradition . Thus, lovers of the brand make their little ones join the comfortable and ergonomic fashion, which helps them to have greater stability and balance when walking .

Combine them with dungarees, shorts, jeans and any other item of clothing you choose for your child. Kids' Vans are colorful and come in a variety of playful hues and prints to match their mischievous personalities.

Now that you have the details of how to combine your Vans shoes and boots , as well as the advantages of versatility and well-being they offer, don't stop buying yours. At Dakonda we have a wide variety, just enter our online catalog and discover all the current offers.

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