➔Why is Timberland a symbol of good quality?✔

Timberland , one of the most recognized brands in the world for its durability and quality , has a very curious origin. Thus, what today allows many people to wear footwear and other items that are ideal for having an iconic look , was initially just the undertaking of a humble family. Follow us to find out the details.

The Timberland brand has long been added to the lists of the best online fashion stores . Who would have imagined that from one generation to another the use of these articles would be an obligatory action to enjoy total comfort and a good image ? And it is that, their products are the delight of everyone, from the smallest to the largest.

A brand steeped in history committed to quality and the environment

The first article that saw the birth of this company, more than half a century ago, was a functional shoe so that the inhabitants of Abintong, Massachusetts, could go out in winter to the countryside without having to suffer from damp feet. With this origin, the Swartz family, owners of a small business, gave way to the manufacture of boots with a revolutionary injection technique that allowed the fusion of materials without the need for seams.

This made the shoe truly airtight and prevented snow and water from getting your feet wet. A few years later, they moved their company to New Hampshire, a forested area where there are large acres of trees used for lumber purposes. It is then that the Swartz created what is known today, worldwide, as the symbol of a quality brand .

Today, beyond footwear fit for New Hampshire lumberjacks , the brand has specialized in transferring its firsts of functionality and durability to other items; among which we find, moccasins, tires, wallets, bags and more. And in addition to being characterized by the high quality of its merchandise , it has also committed to honoring its symbol by developing sustainable production processes, with the use of recycled materials.

The raw materials used to create the Earth Rally shoes range from synthetic leather to ecological and resistant fabric; while the cotton used in other garments has up to 75% sustainability. In this sense, responsibility towards the environment is its priority, which makes it clear that it is possible to manufacture durable garments, without affecting the planet with harmful organic waste.

A company that believes in second chances

As part of its project to generate a sustainable environment, Timberland has a recycling program that reduces the accumulation of textile waste in landfills. This consists of gathering used footwear that, regardless of the brand, can be delivered to the more than 100 brand stores scattered throughout Europe. Subsequently, they are sent to selection centers for the reuse of materials, through processes that are up to 80% effective . Thus, everything is given a second chance.

However, Timberland not only creates new garments from used ones, but also has manufacturing processes that use up to 50% of energy generated from sustainable sources . So its commitment to quality and the premise of keeping the environment as the most valuable and important, go hand in hand.

The most incredible models of Timberland in Dakonda

To be fashionable and at the same time feel comfortable, look in the Dakonda catalog for some models of Timberland brand footwear, as well as other products to combine them and create the perfect outfit according to your style. Among them:

Timberland 2 Eyes Boat . Comfortable and always fashionable footwear, ideal for days out or to look elegant, if you combine it with a formal outfit. With a round toe, made of leather and an interior made with durable elements, these shoes are ideal for those who take strong steps with style.

➤Timberland Earth Rally . It is an exceptional sneaker, blue or green, that will serve you to go for a walk or to create a more comfortable outfit. Use it for day-to-day activities and check the quality of the manufacturing materials.

Source: Timberland - YouTube

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