What are the holes in Converse shoes for?

Since the first pair, known at that time as "All Star", was born in 1917, new styles have continued to be created that still maintain their essence today and have made the brand stand out. Now, here is the reason for its little holes.

The mastermind behind the creation of the Converse models was Marquis Mills, a shoe factory employee who, over the years, decided to open his own company. By the year 1908, the Converse Rubber Shoes company would be born, in Massachusetts. There the first functional shoes for winter days were made, consisting of a lining and rubber sole.

In this sense, by 1915 the brand ventured into the world of sports shoes with the manufacture of a model specially designed for the professional basketball league of its county. In 1921, it was catapulted thanks to the fact that Charles Chuck Taylor , a renowned basketball player, used it while teaching classes in high schools, which took them to another level.

Over the years, this famous player contributed great ideas that helped to modify the original model giving it an unexpected and successful twist. From that moment until now, the vast majority of generations have worn, at least once, a pair of Converse shoes during their lives.

What details are found in Converse sneakers?

The first models offered by the brand were three, with the following characteristics:

  • The first one was rubber-soled and the body was made of black canvas fabric.
  • The second followed the same principle, but with the difference that the fabric was white and the blue and red edges on the sole stood out.
  • The third sneaker was made of black leather and a rubber sole.

These design principles have been carried over to most Converse models . However, there is a special detail that causes some curiosity in those who do not know the brand and its history, but who are regulars in wearing these shoes.

These are holes found on the side of some Converse models; as you can see in the Chuck Taylor All Star 70 . This is not a simple embellishment to make the shoes look good, rather the holes were strategically placed for the following reasons:

foot vent

Converse shoes, whether or not they are used for sports purposes, offer a ventilation system to keep feet free of sweat . These holes help air circulate while doing activities such as running, walking, and jogging, among others. They also perform this useful and important function when socks are not worn.

decorative purposes

At the same time that these holes are highly functional to ventilate the feet, they serve to create an original style when braiding the laces. Even today there are plenty of fun ways to tie your laces, making these shoes even more versatile and functional.

Some say that these curious holes are used to adjust the shoes more firmly to the instep of the foot, but how to use the cute little holes? Let's see:

  • The first thing is to untie the braids up to the second hole from top to bottom.
  • Later, you must pass one of the laces through the extra holes.
  • And then, you must continue tying the remaining section regularly.

Once this is done, you can put on your shoes and make the corresponding tie. You will surely notice the difference immediately. In most of the Converse you can see the holes described on the inner side.

Other functional models with attractive details

There are many Converse models that have special details that make them, as well as beautiful, very functional. You can find some of the most sought after in Dakonda, where we offer you the best quality and the most affordable prices. For example:

Converse - Women - One Star Platform OX . With little money you will get comfortable shoes with an avant-garde design, which you can combine with almost any set of clothing. This shoe has small holes that, as in the Chuck Taylor model, serve to ventilate the feet. You will also see the emblematic star of the brand on its side.

Converse - Women- RunStar OX . This is a design that moves away from the classic. It has a rounded toe, a special ergonomic sole for running and, on the back, you can clearly see the red star of the brand's emblem.

Having clarified the function of the dimples, you are ready to choose the Converse that you prefer. Visit the catalog of our online store and start enjoying the comfort, versatility and functionality that you can only find in these famous shoes .

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