Have you ever wondered why Havaianas has that sole?

Havaianas flip flops have an interesting history dating back to the 1960s in Brazil. Here I offer you a tour of its evolution and popularity:

Origins and Creation

- 1962: Havaianas were created by the Brazilian company Alpargatas, inspired by the traditional Japanese sandals called zori , which have rice straw soles and strips of fabric. The original Havaianas had a texture on the sole that imitated grains of rice, a detail that is still maintained in the current design.

Initial Years

- 1960s: Initially, Havaianas were marketed as an affordable product for Brazil's working classes. They were known for their durability and comfort. They were produced in a single model and only in blue and white.

- 1966: The company patented the design of the Havaianas to protect its model from other imitations.


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Expansion and Popularity

- 1970s: Havaianas began to gain popularity throughout Brazil. Around this time, the company introduced new color combinations, which increased its appeal.

- 1980s: Havaianas established themselves as a Brazilian cultural symbol. They became essential footwear for summer and beach vacations.

Transformation into a Fashion Icon

- 1990s: In the 90s, Havaianas ran a strong marketing campaign that positioned them not only as a functional product, but also as a fashion icon. Models with vibrant colors and attractive prints were launched. The advertising campaign included Brazilian celebrities, which helped increase its prestige and demand.

- 1994: The Havaianas Top line was launched, with a wider range of colors and a more modern design.

Internationalization and Diversification

- 2000s: Havaianas began to be exported to other countries and gained popularity in the international market. They became a symbol of Brazilian culture on a global level.

- 2003: Havaianas began to be sold in luxury stores in cities such as Paris and New York, which consolidated them as a global fashion product.

- 2006: 40 years of Havaianas were celebrated with the launch of limited editions and special collaborations.


2010s and beyond: Havaianas has continued to innovate with new designs, collaborations with artists and fashion brands, and expanding its product line to include not only sandals, but also clothing and accessories.

- 2020: The brand continued to expand globally, maintaining its Brazilian essence and its commitment to quality and innovative design.


Today, Havaianas are much more than just sandals; They are a symbol of lifestyle and culture that has transcended borders. The combination of comfort, durability and an iconic design has ensured that Havaianas remain popular both in Brazil and around the world.

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