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The comfort in the footwear is as important or more important than the design ; because a shoe can be beautiful, but if it makes you uncomfortable there will be no way you can feel comfortable at the party. The New Balance shoes on sale have the ability to combine both attributes , providing users with an ideal complement to clothing, appropriate on various occasions. Keep reading to discover how to make the best choice.

With New Balance shoes it is possible to look sporty or casual , depending on the model and the selected outfit. In our virtual store you will find a wide variety of models ; and, best of all, is that at this time, you can benefit from discounts that you will love and that will only wait for you for a limited time .

How to choose the best footwear?

There are a number of considerations to take into account when choosing the best pair of shoes , among so many that are for sale; and thus, do not simply be dazzled by the beauty of the model . Next, we will tell you some practical aspects related to the shape of the foot that you should pay attention to when looking for the right shoe :

Very wide or very narrow?

Depending on the width of your foot, you will have to select the most suitable last ; so that it does not press you, but that there is not excessive slack either. Something similar happens with the tip; in fact, if the front end of the shoe is too narrow, it could hurt your toes. And, it is well known that prolonged use of uncomfortable or very tight shoes results in conditions that affect walking, such as annoying bunions.

Pronounced arc?

There is an intricate composition of muscles, bones, and tendons in each foot. On the plant, the arch provides stability to the footprint ; Let's review the most common forms that this structure can take:

·➤ Low arc . It occurs when the foot tends to flatten and the concavity almost does not exist. The ailments caused by flat feet correspond to this type of plant. Generally, it is required to add insoles to the shoes.
·➤ Neutral arc . This is the intermediate option, since it does not become too pronounced nor is it flat. It is usually the most common in people around the world and it goes well with almost any shoe.
·➤ High arch . It is the most accentuated type of concavity. Some people, in these cases, present certain discomfort in the tread and, also, usually need orthopedic insoles to achieve greater stability.

The subtle difference between casual and sports shoes

Among the wide diversity of sports shoes and to go out that exist today; When you want to choose a casual model , you may find that the line between the two options is very thin. Let's see some characteristics that differentiate both types of footwear:

· Design . In the case of the casual shoe, the sole is a little thinner. While, in sports shoes, the role of rubber is greater; and there are even different technologies developed around the freedom of movement and balance that athletes require.

·➤ Color . In this regard, sports shoes are usually more striking; Well, in general, they have been designed to combine with typical fitness clothing. For its part, casual footwear is usually made in more sober colors, so that it looks good with a variety of informal or formal outfits.

·➤ Material . Without a doubt, this is a differentiating factor. While sports shoes usually have padded areas and meshes, to guarantee the correct breathing of the foot; casual designs tend to be made of leather or suede, making them look more conservative.

New Balance | top quality products

Take a look at some of the discounted New Balance models available at Dakonda . And, take advantage of an opportunity that comes with an expiration date:

Gray with blue details . If you are looking for a neutral color to combine with jeans and a t-shirt, this model is ideal for you.

Green with details . Is your interest oriented towards less conventional colors? So, we recommend this option inspired by the tones of nature.

White colour . If you find yourself in a tender and very feminine wave, do not miss this delicate combination.

Nothing better than quality footwear ; For this reason, with New Balance shoes you will be sure that, although the years go by, they will continue with the appearance of the first day in terms of shape, color and sensation of comfort . There cannot be a different result, since brands with an excellent track record and durability , like this one, guarantee their products.

Source: Lorenz Wiedenmann - Youtube


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