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The shoes that Birkenstock offers are sold in approximately 90 countries, and partner distributors include the United States, Hong Kong, Spain, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, and Brazil . This footwear prodigy has its roots in Germany , and from there spreads its solid corporate foundations hand in hand with the latest trends.

The originator of such a phenomenon was Johann A, Birkenstock , a local shoemaker who had a vision of great genius while taking a walk in the outlying areas of Langenberg, Germany. Seeing the shape of his footprint in the sand, he visualized the support points needed to create an insole that would give the foot maximum stability. Upon arriving at his workshop, he reproduced it in a mold that would start what would be almost a century of continuous success.

Birkenstock markets quality and comfort year after year

In 1897, Konrad Birkenstock (Johann's grandson) took up the idea of his predecessor and created what is known as the emblematic German footwear that this brand brings. The ingenious shape of the insole, with a contoured arch that offered greater stability when walking , would be the inventive scoop of the time.

Well into the 20th century, it would be during World War I that the company would become the accepted manufacturer of orthopedic shoe models for wounded military veterans, using the footbed on a large scale. From then on, the development of the brand would run between training courses and manufacturing licences, in which prominent doctors supported and promoted the so-called Birkenstock system .

One of the milestones of the brand is found in the sports sandal called " Madrid ", which was released in 1963 and which consisted of a recessed and flexible base , unique in the footwear market. Since that period, this model has become one of the favorite and essential shoes for most people who want to be comfortable and fashionable in any season.

As time and technology advanced, so did the company. Thus, in 1973, Birkenstock created an electromagnetic molding machine , responsible for manufacturing varieties of sizes of the same model. With this, it managed to place itself in the first places in the sector worldwide. From then until now, the successes of the brand have forged it as a generational company that reaches many countries, while always maintaining the quality and comfort of its products.

Dress in fashion this summer with ergonomics and comfort

Summer vacations are the right time to relax and wear shoes that, like clothing, are fresh and comfortable , but you can't confuse comfort with nonsense, and that's when sandals come into action. Those of the Birkenstock brand, in particular, have prevailed in summer fashion 2021 , and it is even very common to see that various celebrities use them.

More than a question of style, which is also undeniable, this shoe is preferred by people as it provides greater support and stability underfoot . Thus, you can take long walks and enjoy the activity without having to sacrifice the health of your feet or fashion. It is possible to combine Birkenstock sandals with shorts, dresses or long jean pants and with beachwear, among other garments.

Within the variety of colors (black, grey, brown, beige blue) and designs (with buckle or with a simple strap) that we offer you at Dakonda , it is very likely that you will be able to find one or more Birkenstock products that suit your tastes and needs. Review the models in our virtual catalog and purchase the ones you prefer.

If, on the other hand, you are always in constant movement and you are one of those who likes to have your feet covered with a classic style but at the same time comfortable, then we have a great variety of cheap Converse shoes, with which you can create your perfect outfit for summer . This is a brand that has been on the market for many years, and countless people, from the smallest to the largest, have used it at least once in their lives.

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