7 tricks to wash your linen clothes in spring

It is true that linen is a garment that always looks wrinkled, now, but when it is damp after being put through the washing machine, that is when we have to iron.

Here are some tips for washing linen garments:

Read care instructions: Before washing any linen garment, be sure to read the care labels for specific manufacturer recommendations.

Separate colors: Separate linen garments by color before washing to avoid color transfer.

Hand or machine wash on gentle cycle: Linen can be hand or machine washed on gentle cycle with cold or warm water . Use a mild detergent and avoid products that contain whiteners or optical brighteners.

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Use a wash bag: To protect more delicate linen items, consider placing them in a wash bag before putting them in the washing machine.

Avoid over-drying: Do not dry linen garments in the dryer as this can cause excessive wrinkling and shrinkage. Instead, hang clothes to dry outdoors, preferably in a shady location.

Iron carefully: Linen tends to wrinkle easily, so you may need to iron the garments after washing them. Iron slightly damp linen garments and use a medium temperature to avoid damaging the fibers.

Proper storage: When you are not wearing your linen garments, store them in a cool, dry place to avoid the formation of mold or bad odors. If possible, place them on hangers to prevent them from getting too wrinkled.

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