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Vans shoes are very popular for their neutral style and wide appeal; thanks to which, they are easily combinable when dressing, according to the preference of the users. Its versatile designs, useful to wear on casual, semi-formal and even sports occasions , are made with excellent quality materials; which are capable of resisting many years of use.

These are shoes that allow you to breathe through their side vents, have padded collars, reinforced heels, are light and very comfortable . There are different unicolor and patterned models, their shape line has not changed much throughout their existence and, despite this, they are still in great demand. Thus, Vans shoes on sale are magnificent for daily use, due to their ability to absorb high impacts.

Due to its interesting characteristics , Vans is one of the brands that is frequently counterfeited; a scam that many users fall into to save some money or out of ignorance. But, the problem is easy to solve; Because when you buy at Dakonda you can be sure that you are buying only original products. Take advantage of the spring offers today and find your shoes at a very low price.

How do you know if Vans shoes are authentic?

Although you always buy your shoes in a trusted place like Dakonda, it is important to know how to differentiate between an imitation and an original model . To do this, you need to pay attention and pay attention to certain details:

  • ❯ The Vans logo is placed in three key places: side, heel and insole. Imitations usually forget to put the heel number or write it incorrectly
  • ❯ In the Vans logo, the letters are always capitalized. Also, the V looks like a square root sign that covers the rest. Before any alteration of this detail, remember that it is a forgery.
  • Vans laces have a particularity, and that is that they feel a certain firmness to the touch; Contrary to what happens with most imitation models, which are usually smooth.
  • ❯ The tips of Vans shoes are very flexible, so they can be easily bent. The idea is that they would be easy for a skateboarder to maneuver. A fake version will be hard, inelastic and could lead to sore feet.
  • ❯ The original seams are watertight; that is, you should not see spaces between them. In addition to being symmetrical and uniform.
  • ❯ A plastic label must be visible inside the tongue showing the batch number, size, model and country where it was made.
  • Vans shoe boxes include a large amount of information such as patent information, logo, recycling symbols and barcodes. Verify that they are the colors of the brand, that they do not contain spelling errors, etc.
  • ❯ The barcode on the box must match the one inside the shoes. To verify it, there are different mobile apps; which allow the images to be scanned and determine if there is a match. Otherwise you would be facing an imitation.

Vans shoes left skateboarding to get closer to the public

Did you know that Vans were originally made for skateboarders? However, with the passage of time, they became popular; until they stopped being exclusive for skateboarding. Now it is common to use them to go to the office, listen to classes at the university and do any type of sport, among other activities.

Thus, from the youngest to the elderly, they can be seen walking around with their best brand shoes. Let's see some curious details:

  • ❯ At first, the models were named with numbers; but, later they began to have names. The popular Old Skools were called style 36. Interestingly, the first examples created were number 44, which are now known as Vans Authentic .
  • ❯ The brand has even released special editions, such as the 50th anniversary of the band Led Zeppelin, which were a combination of the Vans Era and the Sk8-Hi .
  • ❯ In a collaboration with Metallica, inspired by an 83 album, the first Slip-ons with a printed design emerged. And now, it is possible to find models with a platform.

No matter how you enjoy them, Vans shoes are for everyone ; and, therefore, there are so many different models. Thanks to the spring offers that we have in Dakonda, at super low prices, this is the perfect time for you to acquire yours.

And best of all, you can buy them from home, with the confidence that you will get the quality of a completely original product .

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